Jun 7, 2018

WorkSafeBC announces new first aid training requirements

Changes to be effective July 1

First aid attendants are crucial to a workplace because they're a lifeline for injured or ill workers. In light of this, WorkSafeBC has updated it's occupational first aid training requirements, which will be effective starting July 1. 

The reason for this update is because the organization wants to cover a broader spectrum of medical issues and to align treatment protocols with best Canadian and global practices. 

For anyone who has certification currently, it is still valid upon the expiration date on the certificate. Also, the new certificates that will be issued are to have a different look, and those will be issues starting July 1 for those who are renewing or taking the certification for the first time.

First aid attendants also have the option of taking supplementary training to upgrade their skills. But, they will only be granted a new certificate if they complete the new training program in its entirety. 

The Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines are also being renewed and updated, too, as part of this process in British Columbia.