Aug 11, 2017

WorkSafeNB launches ‘Let’s talk safety’ campaign

young worker
About 1,000 young workers hurt on the job in New Brunswick annually

WorkSafeNB is asking all New Brunswickers to make safety part of everyday conversation to help young workers stay safe on the job.

“By encouraging this daily discussion, we build a culture where young workers feel comfortable asking questions and sharing safety concerns. We let young workers know that safety is a top priority,” said Tim Petersen, WorkSafeNB’s acting president and CEO.

In New Brunswick, about 1,000 young workers (aged 15-24) are hurt on the job each year – sometimes fatally.

Young workers can lack safety experience, be shy or uncomfortable speaking up, or not sure who to ask about a concern. They may not know their rights. That's why WorkSafeNB is launching the "Let's talk safety" campaign. 

“These young workers may need that extra question or instruction to fully understand how to perform job tasks safely,” Petersen added.

Employers are critical to providing this support.

“In New Brunswick, employers are legally obligated to provide training and orientation for new workers. This means understanding their particular needs, and providing the training, supervision and support to meet these needs,” he said.

As part of "Let's talk safety," WorkSafeNB has several resources available to help, including a new toolkit for employers of young workers and a safety talk to help colleagues support young workers.