Jun 1, 2016

CSA releases new edition of confined space standard

CSA Group has released the new edition of Z1006 Management of Work in Confined Spaces, with improved readablity and new annexes.
Workers in a number of different industries often perform their jobs while working in confined spaces. Pipelines, manholes, underground tunnels and storage tanks are all examples of confined spaces — and all carry significant risk to worker safety. Identifying hazards before work begins is key.

 to aid in the identification and overall awareness of these safety hazards. The new edition specifies requirements for managing all aspects of work in confined spaces with several critical updates and changes, such as improved flow and readability of the document along with additional flowcharts and tables.

The new addition includes new annexes on rescue planning, atmospheric testing, monitoring, instrumentation and ventilation systems.

It also includes an elaborated guidance on workplace design and modification.


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