Feb 10, 2010

VIDEO: OHS managers seek better safety metrics

By Mari-Len De Guzman
The economic downturn that wreaked financial havoc in 2009 will cause many organizations to be smarter about their health and safety initiatives this year, and will be looking for more efficient ways of measuring the outcome of those initiatives.

This was the insight offered by veteran OHS consultant and COS columnist Alan Quilley, as he sat down with COS editor Mari-Len De Guzman to discuss some of the trends and issues that will dominate the occupational health and safety field in 2010.

"The absence of injury isn’t necessarily the measurement that’s going to take us into the future. How do we create safety? How do we measure that we’re doing the things that we believe will give us that outcome of making it safer? That’s probably the first thing that I am hearing from folks, is we really need a dashboard of measurements that we can watch to see that we’re doing the right thing. Because in these challenging economic times, we can little afford to spend our money and our time not getting results," Quilley said.

Find out what Quilley had to say about trends in OHS management, the future of OHS professionals, and many more in our Health and Safety Outlook 2010 Series special. A three-part video presentation that discusses trends and issues in OHS management, regulation and technology.