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Spice up your safety meetings

By Mari-Len De Guzman

We all have safety meetings and discussions. Thesediscussions are a chance to focus our thoughts and actions on those importantthings we need to do to work safely. The trouble is that if we have a lot ofsafety meetings then they tend to get pretty repetitious and stale. Chances arethat the last safety meeting you attended went on much too long, didn’t includeenough discussion and even worse, felt like a waste of time to many who werethere.

Let’s think about making your next safety discussion:effective, efficient, meaningful and, dare I suggest, engaging and encouraging?Wow! That’s no small order. Here are some quick ideas for making your nextsafety discussion a lot more interesting and a ton more effective. Theseapproaches really work!

Mari-Len De Guzman

Mari-Len De Guzman is the former editor of Canadian Occupational Safety magazine and
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