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Retention problems: One in two companies losing top workers

By Workplace Staff

Fifty-four percent of organizations involuntarily lost high-performing workers during the first half of the year, according to a survey by Right Management. Only 28 per cent of organizations were able to retain most of their top talent. Right Management is the talent and career management expert within Manpower, the global leader in employment services.

The firm analyzed input from more than 550 respondents throughout North America via an online poll on  Participants were asked: “Has your organization involuntarily lost talent in the first half of 2010?” Responses were as follows:

- 54 per cent – Yes, a lot of our top talent has left.

- 18 per cent – Some, but we have the talent to replace them.

- 28 per cent – No, we’ve retained most of our top talent.

 “We know there are a lot of unhappy and dissatisfied employees coming out of the recession,” says Bram Lowsky, senior vice president and general manager at Right Management. “But organizations need to focus on are their top performers. Top performers are responsible for a significant percentage of the work that gets done and are more inclined to walk out the door than ever before. The real top performers in any organization will always have opportunities to move.  As business conditions improve, this will only create more opportunities.”

Lowsky advised employers to be in tune with employees at both individual and collective levels. “While engagement studies may provide insight into the sentiments of the overall workforce, it’s still essential for companies to have an overall engagement strategy, one key component of which includes career discussions with individual employees. Employers need to know what their workers are thinking, what they want from their careers, and align this with the direction of the business.”

“An organization’s talent is often a company’s only differentiator,” says Lowsky. “And high-performing employees are key to executing on their business strategy.  A business’s viability is at risk when workforce strategies and talent plans are ignored.”

Right Management surveyed 558 individuals via an online conducted between May 2010 and June, 2010.

Right Management is the talent and career management expert within Manpower, the global leader in employment services. 

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