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Most Quebec workers would not trade places with their boss, survey finds

By Workplace Staff

According to a survey conducted for the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés to mark Workers' Day, most employees don't seem to be envious of their superiors. In fact, over half the respondents (53 per cent) said they wouldn't trade places with their boss if given the opportunity.

The survey also indicated that 62 per cent of women wouldn't want their boss's job, compared with 46 per cent of their male counterparts.

What's more, only 27 per cent of all respondents said they wouldn't hesitate to trade places with their boss, while 19 per cent would do so after some hesitation.

"These findings sound the alarm for managers. Succession problems are tricky and often neglected in many organizations. Management needs to come up with sound strategies to prepare the next generation. This is a crucial issue for organizations' survival and their future," explainsFlorent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre president and CEO.

Workers put off by long work hours

The CROP-CRHA poll also explores the reasons why workers would refuse a promotion.

Long work hours seem to be an obstacle when Quebec employees are offered an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. Some 42 per cent gave this as the main reason they would refuse a promotion, followed by a heavier workload (14 per cent) and having to manage a team or human resources (13 per cent).

"Obviously, not every employee is interested in or has the ability to hold a management position. But the survey shows that it's time for some companies to change their culture of long work hours. Employees don't necessarily perform better just because they spend more time at the office. Performance is measured by outcomes," concludes Francoeur.

The CROP-CRHA survey results are available at (in French only)

The Ordre des conseillers en resources humaines agréés is the primary reference organization in its field in Quebec.

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