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Providing health and wellness solutions for group benefit plans is more important than ever

By Workplace Staff

According to the 2009 sanofi-aventis Healthcare Survey, more than half the employees surveyed said they would choose their benefit plan over an additional cash compensation of $15,000 per year. With this in mind, Canadian employers have a unique opportunity to provide health and wellness solutions as part of their benefit plans to enhance employee health, retention and productivity.

"Employees place such a high value on their benefits because they understand that these non-salary incentives can play an important role in providing financial security for them and their families," says Karen Mason, senior vice president, group, Equitable Life of Canada. "The 2009 sanofi-aventis Healthcare Survey also revealed that only 31 per cent of employees surveyed had access to a health and wellness program, meaning there are many employers not taking advantage of the opportunity to provide employees with health support, and in turn reduce avoidable absences, lost productivity and the cost of their benefit plans."

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