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Ontario invests in York U bridge training programs

By Workplace Staff

Ontario is investing $5.2 million towards the university's new bridge training programs for information technologists and business professionals, in addition to an existing nursing program.

Bridge training programs help newcomers trained overseas get the local training they need to find a job in their field and contribute to Ontario's economy. The programs provide a variety of transitional supports such as international skills assessment, technical training, local work experience, occupation specific language training and mentorships.

Since 2003, bridge training programs have helped more than 30,000 newcomers get jobs and get licensed in their field. About 70 per cent of Ontario's adult newcomers have post-secondary education or training.

The Ontario government funds bridge training programs that help qualified internationally trained individuals move quickly into the labour market in Ontario. They assess existing skills and competencies, compared to Ontario employer expectations. They provide training and Canadian workplace experience without duplicating what individuals have already learned.

Some bridge training programs offer mentoring opportunities with established professionals to help you become certified or registered in your field.

Each bridge training program is different and may provide:

•     An assessment of education and skills

•     Clinical or workplace experience

•     Skills training or targeted academic training programs

•     Preparation for a licence or certification examination

•     Language training for a specific profession or trade

•     Individual learning plans to identify any added training needed

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