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Ont. Establishes Advisory Council on Pensions and Retirement Income

By Workplace Staff

Ontario’s Minister of Finance recently announced the 13 members of the new Advisory Council On Pensions And Retirement Income. With the number of seniors projected to more than double in Canada over the next 30 years, the government is moving ahead with long-term reforms to strengthen the pension system for Ontarians and increase Ontario's competitiveness.

The Expert Commission on Pensions recommended the creation of an advisory council, which was then was first announced in the 2009 Ontario Budget.

The members, who all have significant knowledge of pension issues, reflect a range of stakeholder perspectives. Together, they will provide ongoing advice to the minister on pension reform proposals and help keep the government informed on stakeholder viewpoints.

The Council members are Jennifer Brown, Dona Campbell, Patrick F. Flanagan, Jeffrey S. Graham, William E. Kyle, Dick McIntosh, Jim Murray, Mary Picard, Allan Shapira, Byron Spencer, Monica Townson, David Vincent and Mark Zigler.

Council members will not be paid, but may be reimbursed for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses, according to government guidelines. The council has a mandate until March 31, 2011. 

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