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Working at workplace safety


Workplace safety has just been given a significant boost in a new on-line training initiative announced by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

CFIB president Catherine Swift says the organization offering a certificate course that has been developed through the E-Learning for Business Coalition to its member firms and non-members and their employees. Along with the Small Business Management Certificate and the Small Exporter Management Certificate, the E-Learning for Business Coalition continues to bring convenient, on-line training to CFIB members and their employees. The Small Business Health and Safety (SBHS) certificate will provide small- and-medium-sized businesses nine hours of on-line training on how to keep their workplaces safe from potential hazards and undesirable work environments.

There are seven areas of training:

1. Health and safety for small business

2. Violence in the workplace

3. Health and safety committees

4. Electrical hazards

5. Office ergonomics

6. Preventing falls from slips and trips

7. Workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS) for workers.

Each area of training contains an exam. A passing grade of 80% for each exam must be achieved to receive a certificate of completion.

Swift says that because health and safety legislation in Canada applies to all employers, large and small, this new program will help employers and employees alike achieve compliance with federal and provincial or territorial law.

“Workplace injuries and illness can be prevented,” says Swift, “and employers need to take care to ensure that employees have been properly trained, that new hires fully understand how to do their work safely, and that everyone takes all necessary precautions to remain safe while completing their tasks.” She emphasized the key to prevention is to develop a health and safety program in every business, adding that a good health and safety program doesn’t need to be expensive and can be integrated quite easily into the entire business operation.

E-learning is ideal for entrepreneurs because it’s easy to access any time, any place allowing the small business owner to focus their efforts on making their business grow.

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