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WSIB average premium rate for 2009 unchanged


Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board recently announced that the 2009 preliminary average premium rate for Schedule 1 employers will remain at $2.26 - unchanged from 2007 and 2008.

The rate is based on careful financial analysis, and an expectation that improvements will occur in health-and safety and return-to-work outcomes consistent with the WSIB's Road to Zero and Prevention Strategies.

The decision comes after the WSIB sought input from stakeholders on the WSIB funding

Framework in February and March 2008. Discussions with employer stakeholders

concerning premium rates were reflected in a revised Funding Framework, which was

approved by the WSIB Board of Directors in April 2008.

"Collaborative, aligned, and effective partnerships are vital to promoting prevention and

better health care and return to work outcomes," says WSIB Chair Steve Mahoney. .  "Reaching and surpassing targets set out in the WSIB's Five Year Strategic Plan 2008-2012, The Road to Zero, will ultimately result in the reduction of the unfunded liability (UFL) and more stable and predictable premium rates for employers."

Based on the preliminary average rate, the WSIB has calculated preliminary 2009 premium rates for all employer rate groups. These will be posted on the WSIB website shortly.

For more information, and rates as they are posted, visit

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