Reporting app for workers

March 14, 2017
Reporting app for workers

Intelex Technologies has debuted its new mobile platform, Intelex Mobile, which allows companies to put safety into the hands of their front-line workers. With the app, workers can easily spot safety or non-compliance issues, quickly take a snapshot directly on their mobile device and report it within seconds, sending real-time data directly to their organizations’ health and safety managers. 

“Our goal has always been to make safety a top priority for front-line workers as well as an integral part of company culture,” said Mark Fairhurst, director of corporate marketing at Intelex. “This enhanced mobile capability will bring ease-of-use and convenience to a space that is in desperate need of a major facelift.” 

Intelex Mobile is specifically designed to drive both predictive and proactive safety campaigns. The platform allows organizations to engage their workforces to capture critical and timely safety data, enabling real-time risk assessment leading to fewer incidents. The more often employees use the app, the more data their organizations can collect on their unique safety needs. Safety management professionals are immediately alerted to potential threats and dangerous situations, making it easy to implement controls and avoid potential issues. The app makes reporting a bit more fun with social interaction capabilities and gamification. 

“Most front-line employees are desk-less with limited online access to a computer, meaning they don’t have easy access to safety procedures, training information or incident data,” Fairhurst said. “Unfortunately, these people are also at the most risk. We designed Intelex Mobile to put safety back in front-line workers’ hands, giving them more power to control the environment they work in and providing executives with the information they need to implement necessary change, rather than react after an incident has occurred.”


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