Oil and gas safety app

January 2, 2015
Oil and gas safety app
White Knight Safety Solutions has designed a health and safety app for the oil and gas industry, along with a web-based dashboard. The app is available in the iOS format for both the iPhone and iPad. The White Knight Safety app comes with better than ever, improved versions of incident reporting. Tailgate meetings, field level hazard assessment (FLHA) forms, daily sign-in, hazard cards, field observation cards, near-miss reporting, vehicle inspection forms and journey management are some of the features. According to White Knight Safety, customers cite three key benefits from using the software: reducing costs by converting paper-based documents to digital and managing all unstructured content in one system; enhancing compliance controls by using digital signatures, time stamped documents and having the ability to correct deficiencies and real-time data allowing for greater transparency; and sharing documents and eliminating email attachments, file-size and security issues — now customers can simply share documents from within the dashboard.


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