November 14, 2016
SoloProtect is a lone worker safety solution that encompasses a fully managed service for mobile workers. It combines a dedicated lone worker emergency communication device (Identicom) with professional monitoring by SecurTek. Uniquely styled as an ID badge, Identicom is easy to wear and discreet to use. Equipped with a GSM mobile SIM chip, each device has unlimited North American coverage with no additional wireless phone bill. Each device has GPS for emergency response location identification and one- and two-way voice communications with automatic evidence-based voice recording. As an option, devices can be enabled with non-emergency Ready2Talk two-way voice calls and Auto Man Down emergency alerts. SecurTek is owned by a Crown corporation and a telecommunications company, SaskTel, and is held to the highest standards of corporate governance, privacy, confidentiality, safety, security and employee welfare.

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