Monitoring on a budget

August 4, 2015
Monitoring on a budget
Blackline GPS launches Loner Complete, a safety monitoring solution to adopt for capital-strapped organizations. The monitoring system combines the previously existing Blackline’s Loner Bridge System as part of a comprehensive service to monitor remote employees beyond the reach of cellular networks. The service is offered without any upfront capital purchase or fees however for a reasonable monthly fee a number of useful features are added. Three years of product service in-house support as well as employee consulting and training is offered with a monthly service fee. Furthermore, warranty coverage for the duration of the program is included, with no-questions-asked product replacement for lost or damaged products. Lastly, an option to upgrade to new equipment with Loner Complete service renewal upon the completion of the three-year service use is available. Possible safety incidents can be prevented with the software, even in the most remote locations. The program provides safety alerting tools and location technology that will pin-point employees’ location and manage the most efficient emergency response possible.

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