Advanced personal safety monitor

December 12, 2018
Advanced personal safety monitor

Grace Lone Worker has introduced the MS2000X, a product that provides two-way emergency signaling to Grace worker-worn TPASS3 or SuperCELL SC500 personal distress alarms.

The MS2000X has advanced input and output capabilities and gives employers the ability to provide real-time, wireless safety monitoring of lone workers, while also providing a powerful tool to alert the lone worker of evacuation and other conditional events.

“The advanced input and output capabilities of the MS2000X solves the employer’s challenge of providing adequate supervisory safety monitoring of lone workers while also providing a powerful tool to alert the lone worker of evacuation, fire and other conditional events,” said Robert Campman, president of Grace Industries. “This system truly provides a new dimension of prevention to our safety monitoring and rescue systems.”

Workers are often in remote areas where, in the event of distress, a timely rescue would not be possible. The use of a Grace Lone Worker worn device provides wireless distress signalling to the new MS2000X, alerting the supervisor with an immediate notification of a worker in distress.

In the event of the need to communicate an emergency or any other conditional alert to the worker, the new MS2000X system provides the ability to wirelessly send a signal to the lone worker triggered from any external system.

The MS2000X standard four input interface provides the ability to signal a panic condition, evacuation, send a canned text message or custom free form text message to the lone worker’s SuperCELL SC500.

Grace worker-worn TPASS3 or SuperCELL SC500 distress alarms have optional motion-sensing capability and provide bi-directional signalling in real-time with the MS2000X or other Grace monitoring systems. The MS2000X can be combined with other Grace Advanced Lone Worker Systems which are capable of providing a GPS outdoor location of a worker in distress.

The new SC500 GracePoints GPS worker worn device is used for outdoor location, as well as, a patented method of indoor location using the Grace Locator Beacon. 


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