Contractor management

June 16, 2014
Contractor management
Evaluate and monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the safety performance of your contractors in real time. Target Care by Intactix Systems moves beyond the sphere of simple compliance by using a proprietary suite of leading and lagging indicators to measure safety culture, identify and fix problems before they happen, and drive continuous improvement.

Users can generate a risk weighted profile score for contractors based on 10 key metrics. Trust the data going in the system with random data verification performed by Intactix on an ongoing basis. Overall data validation is completed periodically or on request.

The effectiveness and quality of key proactive safety processes must be measured in combination with reactive measures in order to have a clear picture of safety performance. It is inadequate to simply “count“. Target Care ensures high consequence reporting and investigations are not only completed, but drives the accountability and execution necessary to ensure quality and timeliness to ensure risk exposure is removed before an incident occurs, says the manufacturer.

Programs are only as effective as the level of buy-in and employee support. Target Care enables "Hiring Clients" to monitor contractor engagement in key activities as well as track their ongoing commitment by measuring their improvements from previous periods.
Injury statistics only provides information on past performance but gives no indication on areas for improvement. The Patterns of Deviation report identifies specific areas of high risk derived from information provided through various sources.
Analyze information from across contractor safety management systems and provide reporting on core competencies such as training and procedures. Link that information to job task specific exposure. "Hiring Clients" can track contractor task specific mitigation efforts. 

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