Zip it!

January 8, 2010
StreamWorks Products Group, Inc.’s new Zip-Outs — the newest product under the company’s PlugSafety division — provide a convenient means to access earplugs for hearing protection, enabling all users to easily meet OSHA and ANSI requirements, the company says. Zip-Outs use a zipper-tethering system that installs quickly and easily into any hard hat, ensuring that earplugs are always available to the user. Zip-Outs are designed to allow simple earplug removal for replacement and cleaning.  PlugsSafety manufactures a line of soft foam plugs for use with Zip-Outs under the DuraFoam brand and permanent plugs under the PermaPlug brand. PlugsSafety’s patented Zip-Outs are available for $7 per pair and can be purchased through PlugsSafety sales representatives and select distributors around the world.