Flat-folded mask

July 4, 2016
Flat-folded mask
FlickIt is an innovatively designed flat-folded mask by Ronco with an opening system that enables the user to put on the mask without contaminating any component of it. The foldable design also helps the user store the mask safely for reuse later. The large surface of the FlickIt mask guarantees greater coverage of the user’s face and allows for a lower breathing resistance. The nose-clip is internal, placed between two layers of fabric, reducing the exposed metal parts. It is ready to use in just one move. The individually packaged and pocket-sized masks offer greater convenience and improved hygiene for the user. The masks are 100 per cent latex-free and provide effective protection against non-volatile solid and liquid particles (dust, mist and fumes). They are available in valved and non-valved options.


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