3M Versaflo TR-800

January 23, 2019
3M Versaflo TR-800

The 3M Versaflo TR-800 Intrinsically Safe Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is the new standard of protection for hazardous environments.

Interchangeable components enable employers to build a customized PAPR system to help  meet the needs of their specific application.

Whether workers are mixing and granulating compounds in a pharmaceutical facility or working with combustible gases in the oil and gas industry, the TR-800 motor blower

is built for environments where intrinsically safe (IS) equipment is essential. These types of environments may be found in industries such as food production, chemical handling, oil and gas refining, automotive and industrial paint spraying and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Now, with the introduction of the 3M Versaflo TR-800 PAPR, safety managers can give the people in their care a high level of protection from both respiratory and fire/explosion hazards.

As part of the 3M Versaflo family, when the TR-800 is combined with Versaflo headtops, belts, and other accessories, it becomes part of a NIOSH-approved respirator system featuring multiple speeds, audible and visual alarms and the ability to work with a wide variety of cartridges.

The fully submersible product features a smooth design surface that’s quick and easy to clean. It is also ergonomically designed for greater movement in tight work spaces, such as overhauling or cleaning reactors and tanks.

The TR-800 is a PAPR blower UL-certified with an intrinsically safe (IS) rating of Division 1: IS Class I, II, III; Division 1 (includes Division 2) Groups C, D, E, F, G; T4, under the most current standard.





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