July 12, 2016
Louis M. Gerson Co. offers an inexpensive, disposable respirator that is NIOSH OV/P95 approved for organic vapours as well as solid and oil aerosols use. The Gerson Signature One-Step Disposable Cartridge Respirator is recommended for paint spray applications, oil-based paints and pesticides. It’s also usable with isocyanates when used in accordance with the user’s change-out schedule. It comes completely assembled for ease of use and is individually packed in custom retail-designed, re-sealable, four-colour foil bags. Because the respirator is pre-assembled and disposable, the cartridges are not replaceable. The worker simply uses the respirator until the life of the cartridge is spent, then throws it away and opens a new one. Each of the face pieces comes with a bonus “hygiene guard” for clean storage and product protection.


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