Taking it to The Edge

September 11, 2008
Taking it to The Edge
Quest Technologies’ The Edge noise dosimeter is cable-free and lightweight, an offering that’s new and unique to the industry, says Gerry Fleisher, director of North American sales at Quest Technologies. “It is a three-ounce package versus a 14-ounce package and would typically be worn by the user on the shoulder area, taking a lot of the weight off the lower area of the body,” Fleisher says. The Edge functions as a dual dosimeter, which enables user to perform OSHA 80 and OSHS 90 compliance, while allowing user-selectable options, Fleisher says. The Edge also features data logging and time history capability, multi-parameter LCD, a docking station for recharging and data downloading to PC, and supported by QuestSuite Professional II software, the company says. It comes with a built-in fixed microphone and rechargeable lithium polymer battery for longer life between charges.

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