Size matters

January 11, 2012
Size matters
Honeywell Safety Products' MAX Small earplugs is an extension to the flagship Howard Leight MAX single-use earplug family. MAX Small's reduced size offers people with smaller ear canals a more comfortable fit and high attenuation (NRR 30). MAX Small has the same bell shape and patented varied-cell polyurethane foam as the standard MAX earplug, though is 20 per cent smaller in geometry. Through customer feedback and evaluations with Howard Leight's VeriPRO ear plug fit testing system, employees with smaller ear canals have reported trouble obtaining a good fit — and adequate protection — from other high attenuating roll-down foam earplugs on the market. In end-user trials involving automobile manufacturing workers and safety inspectors, individuals with smaller ear canals have reported achieving a better in-ear fit, and attained higher attention, with MAX Small earplugs than with the use of larger single-use earplugs. MAX Small is available in both corded and uncorded models, and is available immediately from industrial safety distributors in the US and Canada.

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