Safety earphones

October 7, 2014
Safety earphones
Etymotic’s high-definition, noise-isolating safety earphones are reduced-output earphones. That means they are engineered for safe listening and exceptional sound quality. Risk to workers’ hearing is minimized. The company calls them “doubly safe” because they seal the ears to block out sound (similar to earplugs) which reduces the need to turn up the volume to overcome outside noise, and second because even at maximum volume levels, they are designed to limit the amount of sound that reaches the eardrum. They are designed for use in high-noise environments and to protect workers’ hearing from unsafe sound levels. The sound output is safer than with noise-cancelling earphones or other earbuds that do not properly seal the ears. The earphones promote safe listening by reducing the risk of overexposure to high sound levels, have ear tips that seal even the smallest ears, and have patented ACCU Chamber technology for smooth, accurate sound. They can also be custom fit for improved comfort for extended wear.

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