Personalized hearing protection

October 11, 2012
Personalized hearing protection
Honeywell Safety Products has introduced the next generation of digital radio and sound amplification earmuffs to its Howard Leight Sync family. The new Sync Digital AM/FM Radio, Sync Hi-Vis AM/FM Radio and Sync Electo combine hearing protection, high-fidelity sound and the ability for individuals to listen to the radio or other personal listening devices safely at work and at home, Honeywell said.  The new Sync Digital AM/FM Radio delivers high-fidelity audio quality with a digital interface that automatically searches for AM and FM stations, and can store up to 10 stations in memory, the company said. Its features 10 preset stations and volume memory for personalization, lightweight slim ear cup design for all-day comfort, streamlined volume knob and LCD display. The Sync Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio incorporates eye-catching bright green ear cups for highly noticeable contrast in dark settings to the functionality of the new Sync AM-FM Digital radio earmuff. This model also features reflective headband that illuminates when exposed to light, the company said. Sync Electo combines the entertainment benefits of Sync Digital AM/FM Radio with advanced sound amplification technology for improved situational awareness. Directionally-placed stereo microphones amplify and enhance ambient sound up to 82 dB, providing protection from hazardous noise while allowing workers to hear important communications, including alarms, warning signals and coworkers’ voices.

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