Multiple reforms

February 9, 2016
Multiple reforms
FLUGZ Advanced Hearing Protection allows users to form and fit the earplugs to their ear canals multiple times. FLUGZ come sealed in their own reusable container, which serves as a “steamer” for forming once or over and over again. The custom fit hearing protectors fit into the ear in less than two minutes, says the manufacturer. The container includes a right and left ergonomic earplug. To form and fit the earplug, the user fills the steamer — with the ear plugs inside — with mild tap water and places it in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds. Then, he drains the water and blow dries the plug and fits it into his ear canal. FLUGZ feature a firm inner core that retains structure and shape; a firm, composite grip and lanyard post; and a soft formable hook end that locks into the outer ear. FLUGZ have an NRR rating of 21. The product is designed, developed and manufactured in the United States.

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