Multiple dispensing options

March 6, 2018
Multiple dispensing options

Protecting workers from harmful noise on the job is an important component to worker safety programs. Honeywell has released a new earplug dispenser for commercial-industrial use that makes it easier than ever for companies to achieve better hearing protection for their employees. 

The Honeywell Howard Leight HL400 dispenser offers more choices to serve a wider range of situational needs. For example, it can accommodate the full line of Howard Leight disposable earplugs, has more built-in, flexible mounting options, refills easier and dispenses in multiple ways. 

The HL400 base can fit on existing wall mounts of other dispensers, including the Howard Leight LS-400. The universal hole positions eliminate the need to drill new holes. The table base can also be mounted to a horizontal surface to ensure stabilization and prevent movement. The dispenser knob rotates in both directions for easier earplug dispensing.

“With this newly designed earplug dispenser from Honeywell, companies now have

virtually endless mounting options from which to choose, helping to ensure that workers can obtain a new pair of earplugs at the most advantageous location, by the shop door or in the lunchroom or anywhere prior to entering the workplace,” said  Lisa Steckert, product manager, hearing protection, for Honeywell Industrial Safety. “For big and small operations, the HL400  earplug dispenser offers an economical, hygienic, and user-friendly source for hearing protection.”

The dispenser can be refilled with all Honeywell Howard Leight disposable foam earplugs including MAX, MAXLite, Laser Lite, FirmFit, X-TREME and MultiMax earplugs. Refilling the canister is simple and quick. Proceed with using the pre-filled canisters or use the zip top bags to refill the existing canister. Both options make it easy to accommodate a large capacity of user needs.


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