Grip dB Blocker

January 17, 2017
Grip dB Blocker

Custom Protect Ear has introduced its newly designed Grip dB Blocker for personalized hearing protection. This innovative design targets industries where dirt, grime and larger hands may be an issue. Formed in a single piece of dB Blocker silicone with a non-slip integrated handle, this new design allows for hassle-free ease of insertion and removal of the ear protector. The Grip re-design supports radio connectivity, eliminating the need to remove ear protection to hear incoming radio communication. Along with improved insertion, the radio connectivity allows the user to remain protected from noise while working. The lanyard cord can be detached when working around machinery and easily reconnected again using the cone connectors. Custom Protect Ear crafts every earpiece based on a personal ear mould. Individual moulds are made to fit each unique ear. To ensure easy recognition, each earpiece is labelled with an ‘R’ for right ear or ‘L’ for left ear.

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