Dosimeters offer greater storage

September 11, 2008
Dosimeters offer greater storage
Scantek, Inc. has introduced two new noise dosimeters from CESVA, the DC-112a and DC-112k. Both comply with the American standard ANSI S1.25-1991 class 2 and enable the health and safety protection measures of workers against risks arising from exposure to noise, evaluated according to OSHA, MSHA, DoD, ACGIH, and NIOSH. Scantek says. Both instruments allow the use of frequency weightings (A or C), time weighting (F or S), exchange rates (3, 4, 5, or 6) and measure simultaneously using two programmable threshold levels, which means that only one measurement is needed for norms which require a double threshold.
These dosimeters have a high 64 MB of storage capacity for storing the time history of the measurement. The dosimeters allow data downloading and recharging via a USB port, the company says. Through the Projection of Parameters the exposure values (D and TWA) can be obtained without the need to measure for the whole exposure time, Scantek says. The DC-112a is a dosimeter real-time spectrum analyser in octave bands (NRR + Octaves). The DC-112k (NRR) is similar to the DC-112a but without analysis in octave bands, and can be converted into a DC-112a by adding the EF-112a frequency extension module, the company adds.

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