Clearly quiet

December 1, 2011
Clearly quiet
Honeywell Safety Products has introduced the QUIETPRO QP100Ex intelligent hearing protection and communication system. In addition to hearing protection, the system provides workers with personal noise exposure monitoring and situational awareness, as well as in-ear communication for use in a range of noise environments. Through patented in-ear dosimetry, microphones inside each ear tip measure every sound that reaches the ear, supplying continuous monitoring of noise exposure. Audible and visual signals alert workers when they are approaching or have met their daily noise dose, so managers and workers can address possible noise-induced hearing loss in real time. At startup, it performs a calibration check to detect proper fit and validate adequate hearing protection and clear communication in each ear. Users are alerted if a minimum level of protection is not achieved and a refit is required. QUIETPRO QP100Ex delivers clear communication and situational awareness in rapidly changing, high-noise environments, the company said. Connected to two-way com radios, it allows users to hear communication clearly without reducing listening quality. Through an in-ear headset, the system captures voice transmission inside the ear canal, allowing users to speak at a normal level and be heard by the person on the other radio without picking up noises compromising speech intelligibility.

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