Welding helmet with PAPR

September 29, 2014
Welding helmet with PAPR
Bullard has introduced a welding helmet, the SparxLift, for use with its industry leading EVA Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR). The combination system provides welders and grinders with NIOSH approved respiratory protection and ANSI/ISEA 787.1-2010 high impact face protection in one package. The helmet features an auto darkening filer that reacts to prevent flash in 1/25,000 of a second and a unique patented auto lift design that allows the user to quickly switch from welding to grinding with the press of a button. SparxLift also offers superior viewing performance and protection, with optically correct UV and infrared filters that provide full-time protection.

The helmet is also equipped with the patented inner sense feature, which detects radio frequency signal produced by Tungsten Inert Gas welders to darken the screen before the arc is struck. Users are protected from airborne hazards when the EVA PAPR is added. The EVA PAPR delivers 8.5 cubic feet per minute of airflow and 1,000 assigned protection factor to the helmet.
Additional EVA PAPR features include:

•an "Active Flow Technology" system that automatically maintains constant air flow regardless of filter type, hood type, filter loading or battery capacity
•ergonomic single-filter design for quick installation
•two distinct audible alarms
•easy-to-read fuel gauge.


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