Strapless head lamp

December 5, 2018
Strapless head lamp

In the world of headlamps, you’ll see plenty of heavy-duty straps that fasten a headlamp to a helmet or a hard hat. However, Nightstick believes that shouldn’t be the only option available. After all, even the best headbands and straps can wear down due to extensive use and constant exposure to the elements. So, the company introduced a series of Zero-Band Headlamps and included a secure mounting mechanism with every light.

Helmet mounting brackets have historically increased the overall cost for a headlamp. However, Nightstick’s addition of a hard hat clip mount that comes with every light addresses this need. It also prevents the user from having to search for a solution that securely fastens the light to the hard hat.

“Headlamp elastic bands and rubberized straps require users to purchase strap retainer clips or retention system add-ons, and that’s a hidden cost,” said Russell Hoppe, marketing manager for Nightstick. “The obvious way for us to provide the greatest benefit was to remove the band altogether... Our goal is to set ourselves apart by providing a comprehensive all-inclusive solution without asking customers to purchase more after receiving less.”

The clip mounts easily and securely bonds to the hard hat using a sturdy industry approved pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) material. Inspired by attachment methods consistently used in mining industry cap lamps, each included helmet lamp bracket is designed to be lightweight and durable. The tilting-head design allows the user to change the light position without having to readjust. No drilling is required.

This writeup originally appeared in the October/November 2018 issue of COS.





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