Showa ANSI A4

November 22, 2017
Showa gloves 4561

The new Showa 4561 is made in the United States and boasts cut-resistant 15 gauge Kevlar construction. This allows the glove to be lightweight and stronger than other offerings. The 4561 holds an ANSI A4 Cut Level, meaning it will stand up to higher cut forces.

Aside from the new ANSI A4 ranking, the Showa 4561 utilizes patented Zorb-IT grip technology, which allows users to maintain a stronger grip in oily and wet conditions without sacrificing safety. The top of the glove showcases a new informational design that indicates the glove size, the Zorb-IT technology, genuine Kevlar logo, and the glove's certifications. To maximize dexterity, the Showa 4561 is creatively engineered with next generation seamless fit technology which allows for perfect comfort along the fingers and palm, says the manufacturer.

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