Carbon-infused touchscreen gloves

April 30, 2019
Carbon-infused touchscreen gloves

Ironclad Performance Wear has announced the launch of its new Command Series glove line, which incorporates nanoparticle technology to create highly durable touchscreen work gloves. Unlike common coated touchscreen fabrics, which lose conductivity easily, Ironclad infused its abrasion-resistant synthetic leather with conductive carbon ions. The result is permanent conductivity throughout the synthetic leather with touchscreen capability that will not wear out for the life of the gloves.

“The amount of technology utilized in the workplace today, such as tablets, touchscreen input terminals and cellphones, has accelerated rapidly,” said Eric Jaeger, Ironclad’s general manager. “The challenge that we had to overcome was how to incorporate touchscreen capability into our gloves without compromising the strict quality and durability standards that define the Ironclad brand.”

After months of materials testing and sampling, the team at Ironclad was finally able to achieve this. With the infusion of nanoscale carbon ions into its premium synthetic leather, Ironclad has been able to create a touchscreen material with higher conductivity than a human finger, while still maintaining the durability and 16-point fit system that the brand is known for.

The new Command Series line is comprised of 18 touchscreen gloves, built to withstand heavy-duty work environments.

This writeup originally appeared in the April/May 2019 issue of COS.


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