AeroDex glove

May 8, 2019
AeroDex glove

Magid has introduced AeroDex, a light cut A4 work glove.

AeroDex delivers extremely lightweight 360-degree A4 cut resistance that is over 50 per cent lighter than a comparable Cut A4, the manufacturer says. The flexibility and dexterity AeroDex provides means that workers can perform jobs that require extreme tactile sensitivity without removing their gloves. AeroDex is specially engineered to make a worker’s hands feel cooler than a comparable cut resistant glove.

The D-ROC GPD482 AeroDex Work Glove also features a polyurethane palm coating that maintains dexterity while delivering excellent grip and touchscreen compatibility, so workers don’t have to take off their gloves to operate electronic devices. This kind of comfort and agility keeps individuals wearing their gloves and working efficiently.

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