UltraSoft Flex

June 26, 2017
UltraSoft Flex

Westex by Milliken introduces UltraSoft Flex, the newest iteration of the UltraSoft line. Re-affirming Westex by Milliken’s long-standing commitment to creating innovative textiles to enhance employee safety and comfort, UltraSoft Flex builds on the performance of the Westex UltraSoft line by adding over 50 per cent more stretch to increase worker mobility.

“UltraSoft Flex offers the best of both arc flash and flash fire protection and comfort in everyday workwear,” said Mike Enright, vice-president of Westex by Milliken. “By utilizing our team of innovators and our proprietary engineering process, we are able to create a flame resistant fabric that is comfortable and flexible. With even more mobility from a brand you trust, UltraSoft Flex takes FR workwear to the next level.”

Designed to bend with you as you move, UltraSoft Flex offers maximum comfort and superior mobility to promote wearing everyday personal protective equipment (PPE) on the job. In a wear trial, three out of four workers prefer FR apparel constructed with UltraSoft Flex fabric when working on the job, said Westex.

“By addressing this market need, we hope to stimulate a new movement in everyday PPE — comfortable garments that allow workers to move freely and be more productive,” said Enright.

UltraSoft Flex is NFPA 2112 certified and provides NFPA 70E Category 2 protection. In addition, UltraSoft Flex has superior extended shrinkage control, which enables a better fit for long-term wear, said Westex.



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