FR/CP coveralls

November 13, 2017
Workrite coverall

Workrite Uniform Company has released a new coverall that provides both flame-resistant (FR) properties and chemical-splash protection (CP).

“Prior to our FR/CP products, simultaneous protection against chemical-splash and thermal hazards typically required the use of more than one garment, resulting in discomfort, inconvenience and potential wearer negligence,” said Mark Saner, Workrite Uniform’s FR technical manager. “By offering a single, lightweight, durable solution, our FR/CP products dramatically improve safety and comfort.”

The coveralls combine the FR protection of Nomex IIIA fabric with Westex ShieldCXP, a proprietary chemical-splash protective technology.

The coveralls offers protection against thermal hazards such as arc flash and flash fire. They also repel small amounts of hazardous liquid chemicals and resist the penetration and wicking of inadvertent liquid chemical splashes.

Whether in a laboratory or an industrial facility, worker safety can be improved with the Workrite FR/CP coveralls.

Workrite FR/CP products are ideal for work environments where both thermal hazards and liquid chemicals — such as acids, bases, oxidizers, pharmaceuticals, agriculture products and fertilizers, cleaners, coatings and paints — are present. This includes the utilities industry, food processing, medical and research laboratories, machinery and transportation.

Workrite Uniform also has FR/CP lab coats and it plans to continue expanding its FR/CP line in the future.

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