TurboLite Edge

March 27, 2017
Miller personal fall limiter

Honeywell has announced a new line of personal fall limiters (PFLs) designed to prevent a severed lifeline and to protect a worker in the event of a fall, which could lead to severe injuries or death for construction workers and others working at height. The new Honeywell Miller TurboLite Edge Series provides workers with a versatile offering including models for both sharp and smooth edge applications in a wide range of working lengths.

“Traditional self-retracting lifelines have not been designed to protect workers from the dangers associated with an edge. Without the proper edge protection, traditional lifelines risk being compromised or severed,” said Leah Shook, product marketing manager-fall protection for Honeywell Industrial Safety. “We estimate that as many as 80 per cent of fall protection applications have the potential for a lifeline to come in contact with an edge in the event of a fall, so there is tremendous need for a safety product that can protect against such a risk.”

The TurboLite Extreme consists of a durable cable lifeline for sharp-edge applications and is compliant with the industry’s most stringent safety standard for fall arrest devices (ANSI Z359.14-2014 Class B & LE). The TurboLite Max includes a durable web lifeline that is cut, abrasion and chemical resistant for smooth edge applications. All TurboLite Edge models feature an integral shock absorber that is critical to ensure the lifeline remains intact and fall arrest-forces on the worker are reduced if a fall were to occur over an edge, says Honeywell.

TurboLite Edge PFLs are durable, compact and lightweight, easy to install and use and rated for a 420-pound worker from overhead down to foot-level connections. Models are available in working lengths of six to 12 feet in single and twin configurations with a variety of connectors including options for tie-back.




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