Safe climbing

December 14, 2011
Safe climbing
Honeywell Safety Products announces the new Miller StopFall Fall Restraint Device, a work positioning and fall restraint system designed to help linemen easily and naturally climb (hitchhike) wood poles with a circumference from 20-in. to 60-in. Its minimal points of adjustment allow for quick and easy operation, while the unique spring-loaded cinching feature provides an effective non-slip system that keeps the unit in constant contact around the pole. Other features include: unique, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel spring-loaded gaffs for excellent stopping power on dry or wet wood poles; integrated gaff pullers with easy-to-grasp design, even when wearing heavy-duty linemen’s gloves; protective spring cover with non-metal zipper for easy access to inspect and clean spring components; two-piece spring assembly that prevents a continuous electrical path; cam buckle webbing adjuster on inner strap for easy one-hand adjustment for proper pole circumference; and, user-friendly design that makes training quick and easy. The Miller StopFall Fall Restraint Device meets OSHA and CSA Z259.14-01 Type A performance requirements.

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