Rigid rail fall arrest

July 13, 2015
Rigid rail fall arrest
Honeywell introduces the new Miller Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems that will provide workers exceptional mobility with fall protection, while working at incredible heights on or above vehicles and elevated machinery. These open track systems come in three basic types. The inverted “L” system, which is a single rigid rail, is ideal for working within a confined environment where space for the system is limited. The “T” dual track system, a dual rigid rail allows for dual fall protection coverage for working side-by-side on top of vehicles and other machinery. Parallel tracks make this system ideal for railroad tracks running parallel in close proximity. Lastly the “P” series system is a portable single rigid rail system that is used for temporary protection for working at heights. The system is economical and its modular design allows for it to be transported by a forklift to a new location in mere minutes.


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