Next generation harness

September 12, 2016
Next generation harness
Miller by Honeywell has introduced the next generation of the Titan II harnesses, which is suitable for  the general construction, manufacturing and oil and gas (refinery) markets. The new Titan II harnesses offer enhanced adjustability and improved comfort with slip-resistant back D-ring pad and forward positioned side D-rings, which keep tool bags in the right place. The new harnesses feature lighter, strategically-placed padding that provides optimal airflow while working at heights. The integrated back and shoulder pad offers optimal airflow allowing for increased comfort while carrying a full load of tools. The removable tool belt stays in position when disconnected, even when tools are attached. The forward position of the double slot side D-rings allows tools to be placed conveniently at the worker’s side. They feature new ANSI Z359.11 compliance and a maximum capacity of 400 pounds.  All of the new harnesses feature hi-vis colour for increased safety.

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