ASAP mobile fall arrester

July 10, 2018
ASAP mobile fall arrester


Petzl is introducing a range of new ANSI-compliant fall-arrest products, including the ASAP mobile fall arrester, ASAP’SORBER energy absorber and RAY static rope. This collection of products creates a vertical lifeline solution with hands-free mobile fall-protection for work-at-height situations.

The vertical lifeline system uses the new ANSI-compliant ASAP mobile fall arrester, which moves freely along a rope without manual adjustment, and in the case of a shock or sudden acceleration will lock and arrest the fall. The ASAP also functions on a sloped surface and will lock even if grabbed during a fall.

These new products add depth to an already extensive ANSI-compliant list of Petzl products that include mobile fall arresters, harnesses, helmets, lanyards, descenders and connectors.

“Petzl is committed to leading the way forward in all aspects of work-at-height situations, and products like the ASAP set the standard in mobile fall arrest protection,” said Caleb Krausmann marketing manager, professional division, Petzl. “The ASAP is your silent partner while working at heights. It provides total fall protection while allowing freedom of movement for workers to perform the task at hand.”

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