Light and breathable

June 5, 2013
Light and breathable
Salisbury Electrical Safety’s new Lift Front Hood is a revolutionary hybrid in arc flash head protection that promises to increase worker visibility, breathability and efficiency, the company said. The Salisbury Lift Front Hood combines the award winning weight balancing face shield, a clear chin guard and the standard arc flash protection hood. Its wider face shield and transparent chin guard allow for a 45-degree greater vertical view compared to the standard arc flash hood, increasing vertical peripheral vision field by 109 per cent, the company said. As heat stress is a major concern in arc flash protection material, Lift Front Hood’s industrial bracket design creates a natural ventilation system that allows carbon dioxide and heat to escape as they are emitted from the body. The absence of fabric over the hard hat also mitigates trapped air that can cause fogging and heat stress, the company said. While offering the same level of arc flash protection, the Lift Front Hood has 60 per cent less fabric weight than the standard hood, making it much lighter and more comfortable for workers to wear, the company said.

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