Prescription safety eyewear

April 18, 2012
Prescription safety eyewear
F.O. Safety Eyewear’s Wiley X sealed and close fitting safety eyewear bring this product to the prescription wearers of Canada. For quite some time now, wrapped and close fitting or sealed eyewear has become increasingly popular in the non-prescription safety eyewear market. This is largely in part to its increased comfort, larger viewing areas and greatly improved eye protection. This eyewear has typically not been available in prescription in the past due to the increased curve of the lenses and the fact that prescription lenses are most often designed to be flat. Typically when you put a prescription lens into a curve, it can cause increased distortions, discomfort and difficulty adapting. Now, thanks to F.O. Safety Eyewear’s use of specially designed digital lenses — single vision and progressive — and Wiley X’s patented frame designs, these options are now available to the prescription wearer. F.O. Safety Eyewear has been bringing this product to the oil sands in Alberta since 2009 and thru this extensive experience fitting the eyewear and the completion of the company's state of the art digital lens manufacturing lab, F.O. Safety Eyewear can provide the prescription wearer 98 per cent adaptability to these wrapped styles in a broad range of prescriptions, the company said. All of F.O. Safety's lenses are made of polycarbonate, offering lightweight, greater impact resistance and the ability to be ground thinner than regular plastic. The products are also hard-coated to protect from scratching.

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