Long-lasting anti-fog

July 28, 2015
Long-lasting anti-fog
Honeywell has launched Uvex Livewire sealed safety eyewear with Uvex HydroShield anti-fog lens coating. The new Livewire offering is ideally suited for workers who require the added protection of a goggle and demand lasting, fog-free visibility to remain safe and productive on the job. It has become a fast favorite among workers in high-particulate and other extreme environments, said Honeywell, and it effectively seals out debris, wind, sun and heat. By pairing Livewire with Uvex HydroShield, workers avoid lens fogging for more than 60 times longer than competitive anti-fog coated products, according to the manufacturer. Fogged lenses are the leading challenge workers face with safety eyewear, and they fog even faster in goggles and sealed eyewear due to restricted air flow. Fogging affects productivity and worker safety: when workers remove eyewear to wipe lenses clean, they are vulnerable to injury from the various hazards surrounding them. Permanently bonded to the lens, HydroShield will not wear off after extended wear or repeated cleanings. It also delivers two times greater scratch resistance than competitive anti-fog coated products for extended lens life, says Honeywell. Uvex Livewire with Uvex HydroShield features a solid black frame and is available in clear or espresso lens tints. It can be worn with easy-to-exchange temples or headband to ensure a secure, sealed fit across applications. The style is 100 per cent dielectric for safe wear in electrified environments and delivers 99.99 per cent UV protection. It meets both ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.3 safety standards.


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