Fog protection goggle

May 16, 2016
Fog protection goggle
Encon has announced a new chemical splash protective goggle featuring advanced fog resistance (AFR). The 750AFR model is designed for maximum anti-fog protection for environments with high heat, humidity and rapid temperature changes. AFR consists of one of the most advanced premium anti-fog coatings available in the marketplace combined with redesigned indirect ventilation channels for superior airflow, says Encon. The goggle protects against chemical splash, dust and flying particles and debris and has a snug yet comfortable fit. It boasts an oversized wide-view vision and fits over most prescription glasses. The spring design at the bottom of the frame acts as a comfort cushion, as well as providing fit flexibility. The comfortable, adjustable, wide elastic headband resists hair pulling and is also flame resistant. Outrigger headband attachment angles outward for better hard hat compatibility. The 750AFR meets CSA Z94.3-2007.

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