Eyelation kiosk

January 2, 2015
Eyelation kiosk
The Rx Eyewear Program Eyelation Kiosk by Airgas is simple, saves employees and employers time and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Airgas believes the safety of workers should not be complex. The company developed an easy three-step ordering process to make it simple for employees to choose their safety glasses and also submit their prescription at the same time. The kiosk is available 24-7 which means employees can order their safety glasses on site, at work, whenever they are ready to do so. All that is needed is a valid prescription for eyeglasses from a doctor. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year frame warranty ensures the employee is happy with his purchase. To return or exchange, the employee calls a customer service number and a representative will arrange to send a shipping label for hassle-free returns. The kiosk can be installed anywhere in Canada and comes in many languages to accommodate everyone.


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