Tethered tool pliers

July 19, 2017
Tethered tool pliers
Knipex Tools has introduced 24 tools with tether attachment mounts as part of its Tethered Tool Pliers Program. Tools with tether attachments and lanyard connections provide effective protection against accidents caused by falling tools. The tether attachment point is a plastic bracket with a closed wire clamp that is securely welded to the multi-component handle of the tool. Without interfering with the tool’s functionality and user’s comfort, the tether attachment allows the tools to be secured to a lanyard to prevent falling during use with cherry pickers, scaffolding and ladders. Industrial climbers with wire ropes and high-altitude rescue workers can also use the tools.

“Being struck by falling objects is one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities,” says Todd Shumate, president, Knipex Tools. In 2013, there were 8,609 injuries from workers being struck by falling objects, and 23 were fatal, representing 2.5 per cent of all fatalities, according to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada. Concussions, lacerations and puncture wounds are just some of the injuries that can ensue.

Using tools with attachment points and lanyards that do not interfere with functionality or require alteration to the tool are ideal. A comprehensive program also ensures that all of the components work together and maximize efficiency while promoting a safer working environment.