Food industry knife

June 13, 2017
Food industry knife
OLFA has introduced the OLFA SK-12 safety knife for the food industry. The unique, all-stainless-steel design ensures easy detectability by metal detectors.

“We’ve solved the problem food manufacturers and processors face with metal-infused plastic knives,” said James Wallace, president, specialty, consumer direct, South Pacific at World Kitchen. “With the 100 per cent all-stainless-steel construction of the OLFA SK-12 – a first for the food industry – there’s no downtime or expertise needed to recalibrate detection equipment.”

NSF certified for use in food processing areas and environments, the durable OLFA SK-12 has a sanitary, open blade channel that’s easy to clean. In addition, the self-retracting stainless-steel blade means there are no exposed edges when the knife isn’t in use, making it safer for workers.

Another worker safety feature: A low-force blade slider that provides better control for more efficient, precise cutting. The OLFA SK-12 comes pre-loaded with an OLFA SKB-2S premium safety blade for superior sharpness and durability.

“Finally, there’s one knife that will reliably, effectively meet all the stringent safety requirements and production needs of the food industry,” said Wallace.

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